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Happy Tails and Trails

Welcome to Integritypets! We are here to love, share and raise some awesome pets & ponies. We hope that you find what you are looking for with us. We care deeply about our animals. We want you to know that we also care deeply about people and we only want the best for both! We want to help you to find a good fit and for our babies to find their happy homes. So, please feel free to ask questions! You may contact me through


We breed to make excellent friends & companions. Much time & thought & many years experience goes into each pet. We hope it shows!


Integritypets seeks to serve others with integrity as unto the Lord.


A God-given gift with animals has drawn me my entire life to love them, learn about them & to care for them & to respect them.

– Regarding Sundays –

Our family follows Jesus. Our life is in Him. He has always been faithful to us & we desire to be faithful to Him, also. This is why we set aside a day out of our week to be with Him and worship Him. We choose to keep Sunday set aside strictly for Him and we try not do any business on Sundays. We realize this is one of two days that the majority of people have to search for their new, life-long companion and we hope that you can understand.

We will do our best to serve you Monday thru Saturday.

About 80% of the requests we receive are for females and as a family who loves our puppies, we are saddened to see many AMAZING puppies overlooked because of their gender. Females are NOT more loving, NOT easier to house-train, and NOT less prone to behavioral issues. In fact, females in a household together can be more territorial and prone to aggression than males if not trained properly.

Behavior is determined by personality and environment, not gender. Truthfully, once dogs are altered (spayed/neutered) there is very little difference between them. Please do your research and don’t miss out on an incredible puppy simply because he’s a boy.

About Us

I have been raising animals for the past 15 yrs, but I have a lifetime of animal care experience and understanding. My children and I began this as a family business out of our love for all animals. It was an amazing life and it blessed my children and myself in too many ways.

I continue the work mostly without them now, but the work continues to be a blessing to us all.

Get In Touch – is the only certain way to reach me! Phone is hit and miss!
(903) 662-0910

Please, no texts. I do not have the time to respond to them. Email is fastest.

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We are located in Lone Oak, TX 75453