Nana. Animal lover.

When I started raising animals over 15 years ago, it was so that I could teach my children about animals while also raising puppies and ponies with a superb demeanor that could be used for anything.

We started with Golden Retrievers and hypo-allergenic Poodle mixes (Pekingese x Poodle, West Highland Terrier x Poodle, Schnauzer x Poodle). We found that when we mixed breeds with Poodles, they would have all the good qualities of the two breeds, while their coat would be low, to no-shedding (hence, hypoallergenic). We’ve since sold puppies all across the states from CA to NY!

Currently we are raising Miniature Goldens (Comfort Retriever x Miniature Poodle), standard F1 Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever x Poodle), Cockapoos (Cocker Spaniel x Mini Poodle), standard Golden Shepadoodles (Golden Retriever/German Shepherd x Poodle) & F1B Labradoodles.

I would love to answer any questions you have and make sure that your puppy is a perfect fit!


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