Current Puppies

Covid Statement: You only fear Covid, because you do not know God…It is time to get acquainted w/Him. I am here if you ever need to talk to someone.

Current Puppies Toy Aussiedoodles & Mini Bordoodles ready 12/24/21!

My two mommy dogs, Hope & Heaven. Heaven is the 20 lb toy Aussie & Hope is the 25 lb. mini Border Collie.

If you are interested in a puppy, I ask that you contact me and we work together to match you with the right puppy. The absolute best way to do that is come and meet them in person. With the amount of contact I receive, I do not have time to do Facetime and I’m not that good with a camera, but I can do my best to get a picture of a specific pup to you before you make the drive here. Nothing can ever take the place of seeing them in person. I do not offer shipping at this time, but there are reputable transport companies that you may contact, if you are out of state. In that case, you can put a deposit of $250 down on a puppy to hold until pick-up. They will be ready for their new homes at the end of December.

Yes! They are ready at Christmastime!

The pup in these pics is almost 3 wks old. Both litters are black & tan, or tri colored pups and there are two black tuxedo pups in each litter.

Some pups from our last two litters.

Email me for more information and please feel free to ask questions! I want to find your perfect fit!

We do not do any airline shipping at this time, but there are reputable ground transports. We have had these companies pick-up from us: Kassie @ Royal Rides, Furever Furbaby Transport on FB cell is 662-466-0241 &

We are closed on Sunday. No texts, please.

Below are some of the pups we look forward to having each year, and on the Past Puppies page you can see more photos of them!


See some of our first Westiepoos @ the 1st of ours on that page: are “Shadow and his sibling” at about a month old and then the last 2 puppies: one black & one light on the first page.


Cockapoo “Winnie” is a great example of our Cockapoo pups.

Bordoodles and Aussiedoodles

We have entered a new and wonderful era for Integritypets with mini Bordoodles and toy Aussiedoodles! We hope to have one liter of each per year!

This is “Smokey” a Bordoodle boy! Thank you for the pic, Linda R.!

F1B Labradoodles

Lorelei is a precious F1b pup from a 2019 litter.

Labradoodle Mom, “Wonder” retired this year –

Puppies are no longer available.


We try to have a litter each year!

Golden Shepadoodles

Golden Retriever/White German Shepherd X Standard Poodle – this is one of the absolute best mixes! Extremely sweet, loyal, and smart.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Please, no texts.

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