Previous Puppies

Below are updates from families of some of the puppies we have had the honor of raising in the recent years of 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021.

The best part of my days are raising, and spending time w/these babies and their parents each day. I know people think that caring for one or two dogs is a lot of work, but they really aren’t. They are much more company, love and companionship than they are work. But, of course, I also realize this is a God-given calling and not all could fully agree with me, or commit to serve their pets full-time. So, please enjoy the labors of my love!

Hi Allison, We wanted to give you an update that Angel got checked at the vet and is healthy. She is adjusting well and  she has learned her name already, how to sit, and shake. Check out the attached picture of her in the yard today, she lives a shady spot! LOVE, Sat and Jenna (Comfort Retriever Oct. 2021)

Good afternoon Allison! These sweet little ones are so smart and adjusting well! They love to snuggle with us, each other, play outside and learn new things! We introduced them to their cousin Belle (the mini golden doodle) and my 2 year old niece yesterday, they had a ball! My niece wanted to keep them both Just wanted to send some sweet puppy love! Thank you again! Erin & Jeff

Hello Ms. Allison,
I hope all is well. I’ve been wanting to thank you for our little pup.  He turned 1 years old yesterday. He is such a great little boy and we are so thankful for him. We wanted to share a couple of pictures from his birthday party. We named him Bentley.
La Toya (Update received 10/12/21 Cockapoo – Thank you, La Toya!)

George is doing so well! He is growing so fast!! Puppy classes are doing good!!!
We all are so smitten with him!

He is so goofy and sweet.

The vet did a dna panel on him – it came with the puppy package for free! The results came back and not surprised but you were absolutely accurate! He is 50% golden retriever 25% standard poodle and 25% German shepherd! He also has no health markers to worry about in his genetics! So that is so cool! I wasn’t worried at all, but having that extra affirmation is wonderful!! You raise some amazing doggies!!!!!

I hope you are doing well!!! “George” Update Sept 2021 Goldenshepadoodle

One of my first customers of 15 years ago writes:

When I lost Buddy [Westie-Poo], I prayed and asked Jesus if I should get another dog, and if so, a puppy? A shelter dog? Just “promote” one of my outside dogs to replace him? I would really need a very special one like Bud was.. what are the odds of finding THAT again? I heard Him say “contact Allison”. Allison is the sweet, Jesus loving lady I got Buddy from in 2007. I said “But Lord, I don’t think she’s breeding westiepoos anymore…but I will contact her.” In the meantime so many of you messaged me with leads on so many precious pups….and I followed up on several but none worked out for one reason or another.. And then Allison told me that she actually had one litter that would be ready around the 26th, which is about when I would be returning from a quick vacation in Galveston. She sent me a video of the 6 pups. 4 males and 2 females. As I watched the video one in particular caught my eye and I heard God say “that one”… We went to see her on Tuesday afternoon and the pup that God pointed out to me came right to me and we bonded almost instantly. No one who has been around him since I brought him home hasn’t remarked about the obvious perfect fit he is. Few things calm your soul like the endless laughter a devoted pup can bring. Here’s to 12 or 15 years, Barq Twain. I know you’ll keep me laughing! – Jan I.

Annie is adjusting really well to the other pets. She is very attached to me, since they won’t play with her. I guess she didn’t like the way I planted the flowers, so she tried to help. She is very, very smart! She is about 90% potty trained. If I happen to miss her standing at the door or ringing the bell I hung, she uses the puppy pads. I never really trained her to do that– I just laid them in areas she had frequented a few weeks back. Thank you so much for helping me pick her. Have a great week.

~Debbie H. adopted Annie, A Goldendshepadoodle June 2020

August update on Annie….
Annie is such a sweet heart. She is 20 lbs now & doesn’t even look like the same pup. She is like a fluffy cotton ball all over except down here back… it is gold straighter hair. She is in training right now. The trainer said the sky is the limit w/ her abilities. She is so smart & very attached to me. Hope all is well w/ you & all your fur babies. Thank you for picking a good baby for me.

Hope you are doing well. Thought you might want to hear about one of your babies.
Annie was born this day in 2020. Sorry I don’t remember who her mom or dad were. The mom was a Golden Shepard, so Annie is a GoldShepaDoodle. She was, also, the runt of her litter. When I picked her up on June 26, her hair was pretty straight. I’m sending a picture of that day & what she looks like now. I’m not sure you are still breeding, but, this example of Annie, will help you show interested owners how each pup can turn out so different.
Annie just has one more class to take before she is a full fledged therapy dog. She loves, loves, loves kids, so I picked the perfect dog to go into the schools.
I think of you often. God Bless you & your family.

Good morning,

We adopted, Sully from you last summer and yesterday we celebrated his 1st birthday. He is the sweetest, most loveable dog. He’s been such a great addition to our family. I thought you might enjoy seeing how he’s grown.

Kristie (GoldenShepaDoodle Update of May 2021)

Below the updates you can see photos of some of our other puppies.

Hi Allison, just wanted to provide some updated pics of my big beautiful girl. The two guys in the photos are my sons. The one with the short hair was diagnosed with lymphoma last November. He had to come home from A&M for the semester to do chemotherapy.  Phoebe was by his side the whole time. She knew he was sick and took such good care of him.  It was heart warming to watch.  And I am happy to report that he is now cancer free!
Anyway, I can’t tell you how much I love her. Best dog I’ve ever had. I hope you keep breeding the golden shepadoodle!
Warm Regards,
Erin Jay

(…Tears of joy, here at Integritypets as God reminds me that what we do IS SO important. Thank you, Erin!)

Westley, the GoldenShepaDoodle:

Westley, Goldendoodle

Wanted to send you an update on Westley. He was the sweetest little pup while we were expecting a baby and is even cuter with our little one here! He is gentle, kind, loving, and just wants to play with anything from little froggies to lizards to other doggies. He was so smart to begin with. We hardly come across a person who doesn’t say “wow he’s so well trained.” We totally wish we could take credit for it but he really has been so smart from the beginning! We only had to tell him things a couple of times for him to understand. He is extremely loyal and the biggest cuddle bug. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him! Thank you so much for giving us our little pup, we are so happy we came across your site and reached out! When is you next golden doodle litter?? Because we are wanting more 🙂 — Thank you, Raymond and Family for this update 2/18/21!

Goldenshepadoodle, Aris 2020

Purchased a (F1b) Labradoodle (Maverick) from Allison back in February of 2020 and he has been the best dog ever. He was well socialized, healthy, and we are happy to have him as part of our family! Integrity Pets is A+++ in my book and definitely recommended!

Smokey is doing so wonderfully! He sat on my lap snuggling the entire way home. He is so smart, he is already learning sit, stay, come and leave it.  He does not want me to be out of his sight, so we are working on that. We went to the vet this morning and he got a clean bill of health. Thank you so much for getting us started with such a perfect-for-us dog.
Linda – purchased a Bordoodle 2020

Erin sent me this update on “Pheobe”, the Goldendoodle, 7/2020

Our girl is loving her new home! She’s doing great with the potty training, is already learning what “no” means, is learning to fetch, and sleeping through the night! And it seems like she’s already grown. lol. Can’t believe how much we love her already!!

Hi Allison! Just wanted to give an update on our sweet girl before I forgot. She’s an absolute angel, we already are so in love with her. On Friday, she went to the vet and won everyone over with how calm and friendly she behaved! Potty training has been largely successful and she’s the most cuddly and affectionate pup I’ve ever known. She sits beside me on the couch and naps while I study for exams with no qualms. She’s just what we needed for our season of life. Thank you so much for giving us our sweet girl Raven Octavia. 🙂 
Have a blessed Sabbath. Zach and Rachel
Adopted a Westipoo August 2020

Dear Alison,
I hope you remember me. We got Clover, the Goldendoodle from you on February 1, 2020. Despite this chaos, I hope you are well. Clover is doing really well. She stole our hearts with her sweet and playful nature. We are absolutely happy with her, and she is doing really good.
-Soyoung C. adopted Clover, Goldendoodle

Lorelei, Will and I go to the dog park almost every day.  Of course, little Will at sixteen pounds has to keep up with the big boys and girls-they have a separate park for little dogs 35 pounds and under- but honestly, he’s so fierce about protecting her that he doesn’t even hesitate to get in the middle of a group.  On other days we walk. I’ve discovered that evening is not the best time for Lorelei because that’s the time when the bunnies are out in numbers.  She’s learned she can’t fly with the mockingbirds or climb trees with the squirrels, but she seems confident that she could catch a bunny, if I’d just let her go.  I don’t need a gym for strength training. ~Kathleen L. adopted Lorelei F1b Labradoodle

Allison, You are so sweet, thank you!
I admit, it’s been an adjustment and I struggle to keep up with his energy. However, things are better and we are in more of a routine. I just wish I had a big yard for him. But I walk him as often as I can and take him to the dog park. He is lovable, smart, and a bit mischievous. He knows when I’m getting dressed for work and tries to pull those clothes off of me. When I come home, he has started bringing me my shorts and tshirt because he knows I’m staying. Lol. Smart. 
Thanks for touching base. Take care. ~Tracy T. adopted Comfort Retriever, Simon

Hope you’ve been well! I bought a black westipoo from you on Aug 3, 2020. I just wanted to let you know he’s doing well and has been lovely in our home. Thank you for making it possible for him to be a part of our family!
Have a wonderful week! Jenni

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